The Purpose Pathway: Starting your journey

Designed for:

Law firm managers and partners


3 x 1hr

Let’s call a spade a spade. Lawyers don’t have the best reputation for being ‘nice people’. There are endless jokes about sharks, arguments and hatchets that pop up with even the simplest Google search. Yet, as consumers question, increasingly, the role that business has in shaping society – in contributing to a systemic inequality – law firms are being forced to consider their approach at two levels: first, as businesses themselves and second as advisors to countless organisations and professionals.

In this series of one hour workshops, creator of The Purpose Pathway, Helen Foord, will examine three crucial terms: Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Responsibility and Purpose. She will provide practical examples of firms at different stages of their Purpose Pathway journey, as well as discussing common pitfalls, barriers to success and the questions firms need to consider if they want to deliver a more purposeful service. This workshop will take a holistic approach, combining presented training with practical exercises.

Workshop 1

  • Doesn’t Corporate Social Responsibility do the job?
  • What exactly is CSR?
  • What is Responsibility and how does this differ from CSR?
  • The Triple Bottom Line
  • What is Purpose and how does this differ from Responsibility

Workshop 2

  • How and why do firms confuse CSR, Responsibility and Purpose?
  • What is The Purpose Pathway? Why should firms be looking to move along it?
  • Underpinning growth with Purpose

Workshop 3

  • How is The Purpose Pathway changing how legal services are delivered?
  • Barriers to success
  • Starting your journey: Questions firms need to consider and answer if they want to start and progress along The Purpose Pathway

This training is delivered by Zoom. All participants will receive a pack of information including slides, template documents and a checklist guide. Training can be split over three 1hr sessions or combined into one half day session (with breaks)

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